Why Choose Hypnobabies®?

  • The Ultimate Reason: a more calm, comfortable and easier natural birth!
  • You and your partner will be more relaxed during pregnancy, labor and birth because you will be knowledgable and well-prepared for any circumstances that may arise during birth.
  • Shorter labor is experienced by many Hypnobabies moms due to lack of resistance in your birthing muscles.
  • Fewer complications and interventions, as your body and mind stay completely relaxed during labor.
  • Proper positioning of your baby during pregnancy and birth: Posterior and Breech babies can be turned with hypnosis.
  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all, means less risk of harmful side effects for you and your baby.
  • Elimination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Cycle.


Yeah… but does it really work?

The following are statistics from our founder’s class students over several years:

  • Comfortable labors – 70-75% Women who report that they felt mostly pressure or tightening sensations. Most of these women describe their labor as “pain-free”
  • Comfortable until transition – 10-15% Pressure only, until the 10-60 minute transitional period, with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter. “Very manageable.”
  • Comfortable until active labor – 10% with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter. This group can have any number of things that affect their birth experiences: posterior or mal-presentations that do not resolve, other labor complications, emotional issues, lack of support, or they simply did not do their homework (30 – 35 minutes a day)! Hypnosis won’t help someone that is not willing to do the work involved in preparing for her baby’s birth.


Why take a live Hypnobabies® class?

There are many unique advantages to taking a live class. Here are some features that are exclusive to Hypnobabies classes!

  • Instant feeback and personalized help from an experienced Hypnobabies instructor.
  • Motivation, accountability and support from other expectant couples.
  • Full LIVE practice of our Hypnobabies Lightswitch techniques, Peace cue, Release cue, Birth Partner’s cues, and Moving Hypno-Anesthesia Around Your Body.
  • In-depth Birthing Rehearsal using all Hypnobabies Techniques, Birth Balls, Walking, Positional Changes and Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis where our Hypno-Moms and Birth Partners practice their Hypnobabies cues and techniques together, in hypnosis, culminating with “giving birth” using Hypno-Anesthesia.
  • Six Hypnobabies scripts in print and spiral bound so your partner can learn how to guide you into hypnosis and practice with you regularly.
  • Hypnosis script just for your partner: Birth Partner Be Calm & Confident
  • Videos of Hypno-parents just like you using their Hypnobabies knowledge and skills during their baby’s birth!

Extra scripts are included in the Hypnobabies live class: Visualize Your Baby’s Birth