About Me

Experience the birth of your dreams…

My goal is for all families to know that they have the option of a safe, comfortable birth without needing drugs.

That option is hypnosis for childbirth.

My name is Susan McClutchey.  My husband and I were lucky to discover the joy of a comfortable, unmedicated birth using hypnosis before the birth of our first child.  We went on to have even better experiences with our second and third children using Hypnobabies.  Initially, I was terrified of birth, and had no intention of giving birth without medication.  However, I am a chemical engineer and very analytical thinker, which means I tend to research all the most important decisions in my life.  (Ok, I’ll admit, I tend to research everything.) The more I learned about childbirth, the more I realized that I didn’t need to choose between suffering or medication to birth my baby.  I found an approach that used sound science to teach parents what they could do to greatly improve the odds of birthing comfortably.  The techniques are also used by people who have chronic pain as well as those who need to have surgery, but are unable to use pharmaceutical anesthetics.  The techniques are powerful, easy to learn and offer many benefits, such as improved sleep, increased confidence and a more enjoyable pregnancy.  Despite my research, I had never met anyone who used hypnosis for her birth, so I was skeptical.  I decided to use it anyway, because I had nothing to lose.  I had learned that the skills could be used in coordination with any other comfort techniques I might choose, and there are no negative side-effects.  I knew I could always choose to get medication if I still felt the need.  My first birth was over 24 hours long, and complicated.  I was as surprised as anyone when I remained calm and focused the whole time, and never had any need for pain medication.

Even after that experience, I never expected to become an instructor. But after Hypnobabies gave me an even better experience with my second birth, I became passionate about sharing this knowledge with other growing families who can benefit from it.

I have had the honor of teaching Hypnobabies to hundreds of expectant couples since 2004 and went on to become a member of the Hypnobabies Advisory Committee.  In 2016, I became a trainer for new Hypnobabies instructors.  I want to help those who want to give themselves and their baby the gift of a safe, comfortable and enjoyable birth.  I love to hear from new parents who are exploring their childbirth choices, so feel free to call and chat with me about childbirth related topics.  I am always happy to answer e-mails as well, but find I can usually answer your questions more quickly and thoroughly over the phone.

-Susan McClutchey, HCHI

To contact me for more information regarding my Hypnobabies classes held in Durham, North Carolina call me at (919) 806-8560 or use the contact form on this website.