Why use Hypnosis for childbirth?

Going into self-hypnosis teaches us to relax our minds and bodies completely, while creating soothing endorphins that make us feel great – naturally!  That amazingly deep relaxation helps remove tension that often leads to unnecessary pain during birth.  Secondly, and equally as important, hypnosis allows us to reach into our inner minds and literally re-program ourselves to accept the idea of childbirth as a more comfortable, enjoyable experience.  This is important because our culture sends us many negative, scary images about childbirth.  Often when we voice our hopes for a joyful birth, people discourage us with horror stories, or laugh at us and belittle our wishes.  Through the use of hypnosis, we can not only train our bodies to give birth more easily and comfortably, we can also teach our minds that it’s fine to have such a goal!


Some other benefits of hypnosis for childbirth include:

  1. A relaxed Mom and Dad throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. Both parents participate in the Hypnosis and Fear Release sessions, providing them with a sense of calm and confidence.
  2. Many moms experience shorter births due to lack of resistance in the birthing muscles.
  3. Fewer complications and interventions, as the body and mind stay completely relaxed during birth.
  4. Fewer drugs or no drugs at all, means less risk of harmful side effects for mother and baby.
  5. Elimination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome. CDs and scripts are used both in pregnancy and in birth to create post-hypnotic suggestions for deep Relaxation and elimination of Pain and Fear.
  6. Breech babies and posterior babies can also be turned with hypnosis.
  7. Pregnancy issues such as insomnia, back pain, nausea and high blood pressure can be improved as well. Hypnomoms and their partners learn skills that can be used for life!
  8. Hypnosis to eliminate Pain and Fear from childbirth has been in existence for many years, and is now taught by qualified hypnotherapists and in formalized classes.  Using hypnosis, many women experience only pressure during birth. They have their babies in a state of deep relaxation, with little or no discomfort or fear.
  9. Endorphins provide the body with natural comfort, and are created when someone is in a state of hypnosis.  Hypnobabies teaches moms to maximize their creation of endorphins, and send the comfort to whatever part of their body needs it.

Did you know? There are people who have life-threatening allergies to anesthetics who successfully undergo medical and dental surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthesia! So we know it can work for childbirth, and it does quite well!

For more information on how hypnosis works for childbirth, visit www.Hypnobabies.com.  Also the Hypnobabies You Tube channel has videos and interviews to help you learn more. You may also be interested in seeing http://www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com/ for additional articles and a comparison of giving birth using self-hypnosis vs an epidural. www.enjoybirth.com has great videos and additional information from experienced hypno-moms!